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Relief Operation DIV-1096
14 minutes / 26 December 2017
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Help Wanted

We need help. Probably always will. If you feel you can help us in any of these capacities, or that you have something else you can contribute to the project, please contact us at Here's the list of open positions:

Line Auditors

The line auditor's job is as difficult as it is thankless. Fortunately, anyone can do it, even with no prior experience whatsoever. On Excelsior, the line auditors listen to the actors' lines as they come in. It's their job to make sure that the actors didn't miss any lines; that the lines they recorded are of usable quality; that everything is pronounced correctly; and that everything generally sounds right in the larger context of the scene. If there's a problem, you flag it and send it up to the executive producer so it can get corrected before post-production starts. In this sense, line auditors end up functioning a bit like assistant directors -- and they have both improved the quality of the show and saved us from a lot of last-minute emergencies by processing lines as soon as they come in (rather than three months later). It can be tedious, but the line producers are critical to what we do here.


Auditions for Star Trek: Excelsior are permanently open to anyone who wants to try out. Jump over to the Auditions page for information.

Audio Engineer

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of work on Excelsior is not the writing or the acting or the organizing. The biggest, most important work on the show is done by our wonderful team of post-production audio engineers. The audio engineer's job is to take the dialogue we get from the actors, combine it into a scene, and then add special effects, from the nearly unnoticeable background hum in the corridors to the phasers and torpedoes and explosions of a pitched battle. It's part skill, part art, and part dedication. And our team needs new members. If you join up, you can work as little as one scene per episode or as many as you're able. We provide basic training and constant feedback, so you will grow in skill as you work with us.

The only thing you need is Adobe Audition, which became legal freeware in 2013! (Comparable software is acceptable.) We'd love to have you join us. Contact James Heaney and Jim Smagata at at any time.