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on Friday

Excelsior fun fact: CAG Zatreya Vesant and Chief Conn Officer Jon Sylveste are engaged to be married.

They had already asked their C.O., Bev Rol, to officiate, but that's no longer possible. Jon would rather not be married by Captain Dovan, so they're now planning to be married with no officiant. Jubal Valentine and Cpl. Earnest will witness their self-administered vows (as best man and matron of honor)..

Starship Excelsior: A Star Trek Fan Production
about a week ago

The Season 5 subtitle is "The Round Table," which is a bit odd, when you think about it.

Previous seasons have all had titles with pretty obvious links to their stories: "The Sword of Damocles" was about the Sword of Damocles, "The Valandrian Expedition" was about a trip to Valandria, "Ex Astris Mirificentia" was about the wonder of the galaxy, and so on. But "The Round Table"? What's that?

Back in the days when there was an Excelsior roleplaying game (from which some of ou...r stories are still borrowed, though not too many lately), there was a cataclysm involving the Iconian Gateways, which led to a complicated story involving the Omega Particle, a Borg invasion, a cold war with the Klingons, and more (all of which was passed over in the audio drama). One upshot was that our task force was sent to explore a new region of the Delta Quadrant, out toward the Perenalthorias Arm, which was called The Round Table Theatre of Operations.

It was given that name (rather a mouthful) by a whimsical admiral named Walter Picardo Tenson who ran part of the roleplaying organization the Excelsior game was in. The Excelsior spent quite some time there, exploring things and giving them names stolen from Arthurian legend, like "Mordred Nebula." There was even a planet named Avalon, although RPG Avalon really had nothing at all in common with Audio Drama Avalon except the name.

None of that made it into the audio drama. Not the new theatre of operations, not the Gateway cataclysm, not the daring raid in a stolen Klingon bird-of-prey renamed I.K.S. Trevor Chappell. But when I was fishing around for names for the fifth season, I came across it, and I thought it was a good fit for our heroes at this stage in their lives: they are mature, they are united, they are heroes, they are legendary.

Of course, The Round Table of legend didn't last.

This post brought to you by Facebook complaining to us that we hadn't posted anything on Facebook for too long.

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Starship Excelsior: A Star Trek Fan Production
about 2 weeks ago

Title reveal! The next episode was called "Better Angels."

...until last night, when I changed it and a whole chunk of the plot.

Starship Excelsior: A Star Trek Fan Production
about a month ago
Colin Hayman to Starship Excelsior: A Star Trek Fan Production

Here's a little anecdote that may amuse fellow XL fans...

A couple of days ago I had an appointment with my optometrist. If you don't go to yours often, you may... not know this, but a standard checkup involves special eyedrops that dilate your pupils, making it easier to get a snapshot of the eye's blood vessels. As a side effect, the drops make you incredibly sensitive to light for a few hours. This is why the office will remind you to bring sunglasses, and if you forget, they'll give you a cheap cardboard pair. The drops also leave you severely farsighted -- nothing close up will stay in focus.

Now as a diabetic, I have to get checked once a year. (Our blood can damage the vessels it's in if we're not careful. Worst superpower ever.) So the last time I had these drops in my eyes was about a year ago. I figured I would relax a bit until they wore off, but I was quickly reminded that just about everything I do to relax involves looking at things. Forget screens -- you can't even read a BOOK in this condition.

But then I remembered that "Tomorrow's Excelsior" had just come out! I hadn't got around to listening to it yet (I got to see the script early, as some backers did). So I listened, and it was a fine way to spend that time. As I've said to James, it's an episode that stands up to Trek's own anniversary eps like "Timeless", which is no small feat.

I would've loved to do the same this year, but alas, I am out of Excelsior. There is no more.

So I took a nap. That works too.

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Starship Excelsior: A Star Trek Fan Production
about 2 months ago

Ten years ago today, we released our first regular episode, "The Valandrian Expedition." We had no idea what this show would become. Thanks for a decade, everyone.