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First draft of the next script is finally done.

Hope you all enjoyed our vacation, because we're coming back!


Happy St. Stephen's Eve! As is our Boxing Day tradition, we've released a small episode for your enjoyment. "Impeccable Logic" is a six-minute vignette, set just before the beginning of "Tomorrow's Excelsior," starring Commander Saavik (Robin Curtis). You can get it direct here:… .

Produced in April and released to certain Kickstarter backers in September, we are pleased to finally share "Impeccable Logic" with the rest of the world.

In all the time I spent working on the 50th Anniversary event, the only time I started to cry at my computer was the first time I listened to the final mix of this vignette. --James

Wayne Peters, creator of many definitive Excelsior artworks, produced this very final piece in our "retro album art" series, a portrait of Neeva for her 2014 biographical vignette.

Rachel Birchnoff created the sketch of Dr. Melissa Sharp that now serves as the "retro album art" for her 2012 biographical vignette! Thanks, Rachel!

Chris Chan Roberson won a contest in 2009 for his terrific script, "No One Gets Out Alive," and its new "retro cover art," by E Anthony Burt, features the mysterious vigil, Gavi.