Just approved a new comm filter put together by our amazing director, Jim Smagata! We've struggled for years to find the right balance between "distorting the voice enough so you can tell she's talking over the comm" and "distorting the voice so much you can't hear what she's saying." This is something filmed Star Trek never has to worry about, but I think -- thanks to Jim -- we've finally found the sweet spot.

So, thanks Jim!

That's the exciting production update for today.

Who *would* win in a fight between Bev and Neeva? Fists (and words!) only, Marquess of Queensbury rules.

Dr. Melissa Sharp blames Captain Benjamin Sisko for "recklessly" abandoning diplomacy and leading the Federation into the Dominion War ten years ago. #ExcelsiorFact

Alcar Dovan was born on the farming world of Gault. He has over forty siblings.

The new episode is going well. It's called "And Miles To Go Before I Sleep," and it is not an emotionally easy episode for any of us.

Jim Smagata​ is doing a bang-up job directing, and the entire post-production team has been firing on all cylinders, putting in the hours and hours needed to polish up each scene.